Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have never been good in writing , whether it is a poem , prose or an essay...!! but ya, for quite some time I have tried to articulate my feelings.
I have fancy for an imaginary girl whom I have never met but I often see her in my dreams and thoughts. It has been long since I am witnessing her.
I have scribbled some verses for her , I won't call it a poem as I feel I don't have that great skill of complicated imagination like a poet....!!!! Also I don't know whether it really makes any sense (?), but I have just written it and tried to keep it in rhymes.....!!!


sure, for it was a seraphic night
when we met....
still feel overwhelmed
though never seen her yet....!!

many people have walked
in and out of my heart....
she is some one...
who left foot print without effort.....!!!

some time I slumber
with prejudices in my mind.....
she always condescends
she is so kind......!!!

no talk some days,
some times, makes me frantic...
I myself feel wonder...
why i show antic(s)...??

day by day
she has become my jo...!!!
some day ll witness us..
waiting for that mo..!!

the affection, the love
that she always show...
I appreciate ,I admire..
I shall ever owe...

You ll always be there..
I believe that's true....
and I'll always be there...
always for you....!!!!!!!!

( summer , 2005)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my trip to Australia....!!!

I was thinking to start my blog since a long, but, my procrastinating attitude never let me do that. Howeve, this incident was so funny that I couldn’t stop myself. This story is bit long, but, I hope it won’t bore you that much…!!!

This is an incredible story of how much “gullible” a person can be .The victim is my only good female friend in office “Jaya” . Before starting the story let me ask you a Q : Do you know “Piyush Chawla” ? For all those who don’t know , I will tell, he is a Cricketer and has played for India, recently also he has been selected for the one day matches to be held in Australia from feb.

Monday 14/1/2008, 9.00AM

It all started as I entered the office, my good friend Alagiri enthusiastically congratulated me (Piyush Chawla) for being selected for the one day team. I responded him with equal zeal. Jaya , sitting next to our place asked surprisingly, what has happened and for what I am being congratulated …?

conversation went like this way :

Ala: Don’t you know ? he has been selected for the Indian cricket team ..!!!
Jaya: Really …?? When ….? How come yaar …??
Ala: Check in the newspaper , yesterday only it came ….!!!
Jaya: which newspaper ? Peeyush , you play cricket.. ?? you never told …??
Me : I do play…!!!

Ala: it will be in any newapaper , come here I’ll show you on interent….

Jaya goes to Alagiri’s comp, Ala shows her the name of new players selected.

Jaya : Hey this name is “Piyush Chawla” ? yours is “Peeyush Sahay” ?
Me : Ya …I play with that name only ..!!!
Jaya : How come its possible ?
Me : why not ..? do you know “Dilip kumar ” (veteran bollywood actor) …?
Jaya: No , I don’t know…!!
Me: hmm….!! Do you know “Jayanthi” (one south Indian actress)
Jaya: Ya…!!
Me: Her original name is “Jayamala” ..but she had acted with name “Jayanthi” ..
changing name is not at all a big thing . you can find a lot many examples.
Jaya: Is it …? But I don believe ..!! I don’t trust this Alagiri,…!! Let me check it on net

She started doing google search on “Piyush Chalwa” and she found one pic also. She read whatever was written about him and asked me ..

Jaya: but this pic doesn’t resemble you …??
Me (with some confidence): See properly, its me only , but this pic is of when I was playing under 16 matches
Jaya: hmmm….!! I am really very surprised …!! I never had any clue at all regarding this ..!!
Jaya: Good Peeyush….!! But do you play here in
Bangalore ?
(She seemed to be bit convinced but not fully

Me: No, after I came here , I have not played, but I used to play when I was in kanpur and also during my graduation days. They have selected me on basis of my previous performance only.

Jaya: But who selects actually ?

Me: Selectors are there , they have been appointed by Cricket board of India.
Jaya: Ok ..!! and how did they you came to know that..? how did they inform you ?
Me: It was released through press…they held a press conference and released the name of
player they had selected for the coming One day matches. It came on TV also.

Jaya: where did there held the conference ?
Me: In
Bombay ..Cricket board office …
Jaya: Ok..!!
Jaya: It is really nice to know that Peeyush. Good..!!!!

Monday 14/1/2008, 11.00AM

Ala shares about this prank with one of other friends – Satish. Satish decides to take part in the prank. He comes to the lab when both Jaya and me were there……

Satish (least bothered abt Jaya’s presence): Congrats man!! U finally made it

Me: thnx
Satish: I had watched u play in Ranji……I was sure u wd oneday make it to the Indian Team
Me: he…he….thnx

(satish leaves)

Jaya: Yaaaaaaaaar….I believe u completely now!! Sorry for doubting u so much
Jaya: So Peeyush , when you have to go for matches …? What about the leaves and all ?
Me : Around mid of the feb , first I have to attained the practice matches….
Jaya: Shall we tell to Venkat and Sujatha (our Bosses)…?

Me (bit scared of getting the truth revealed) : No Yaar…!! I am thinking to inform them a week before only and then shall put my application for leave of one and half Month…

Jaya : That’s better I think…..!!! Hey tell me one thing .. these all players like Kumble , they also work somewhere , no ? I read once he is a software engineer .

Me: Ya…!! All player do like that way only…like..Azharuddin was a Bank Officer, Dhoni is in some airlines, Ganguly too is employed somewhere. Actually most of the time these people do their job and when match starts, they take leave and go to play.

Jaya: Ok…!! Now you have been selected for the Indian Cricket team , I don’t think our managers and HR people would create any problem regarding a long leave….!!!

Me : Ya…..!!! Hey jaya but don tell to any body about this , I myself will tell at appropriate time

Jaya: Ok..!!

The same day after lunch each and every lady member of my lab congratulated me on my achievement. They all at the first instance didn’t believe but my good friend Jaya really convinced them properly. They all asked me many things regarding the matches and were very excited and I somehow was managing not to talk loudly and keep this secret between them only, as if the boys (they are big cricket fan) came to know ,the truth will get revealed.

Vikas (aware of the prank ) standing there only for some work, couldn’t stop his laugh and hurriedly ran away. But Jhonson felt some thing has happened , He asked me whats the matter..? “Nothing” , I replied. He was not convinced , he couldn’t digest , something just happened nearby him, everybody was congratulated me for something and still I am saying “Nothing” , he insisted to tell the truth. Neetha jumped in to save me and said “Peeyush is going to get married, he is inspired by Anji” . I smiled and nodded to corroborate it. But surely he was not convinced , he again asked me at lunch table , I said will tell after some days only, at right time. He was bit annoyed, he said “Ok I don’t care” …!!!!! . “That’s good actually “ I replied . I didn’t want to reveal our prank at the same day atleast. However Jhonson (he must be angry to me ) during post lunch walk again asked “Bol na kya hua hai, kuch to hai, tu batana nahi chah raha”.?? I somehow again managed to distract the talk as all people like Ram , Venkat , Arindam , Praveen and Suresh were there. Actually Praveen knew the fact as he was at that time there only but I was sure from his side because of his taciturn nature, that we are safe.

It has been more than half a month this event has happened. Vikas many a times asks me whether the ladies are still convinced ? , Jhonson also has forgot the issue , but never asks me . Uma , Priya and Neetha had developed a substantial interest in cricket. Shanthi for the first time perhaps has stepped out of the great GC room , she too has shown some interest in the game and talks to me about it .

All these people often talk to me about the matches and the forthcoming tour, they have wished me all the best and they hope I would play my best. I and Alagiri talk everday about this prank and are planning , if we could move it further in a more funny manner. Jaya as always, acting as my mentor would give me many suggestions , and apprehends whether I will remember all the people and behave in the same way as I do today ,after I return from the tour, But she says I have changed a bit after this event (all pschycological ) . She would ask me whats the noopur’s (my only good female friend outside the office) reaction ? and she had promised me to give a good gift.

All unaware of the fact regarding the status, an Indian cricket player posses in India. I really feel sorry for them, they don’t have an idea at all that why a person ,selected for Indian cricket team would struggle in a R&D , do experiments and make reports ,banging his head to understand and explore the optical and light scattering techniques and various others in the improvement of products.

Seetha , one of my senior colleague has asked me to give some nice stuff to publish in the newsletter, before I leave for the tour, and she is hoping I ll have a better story after I return.

I couldn’t find anything better than this story …!!!